Long Distance Medical Transportation

Affordable nationwide non-emergency long distance interstate medical transportation services.

Raising the standard in non-emergency interstate long distance medical transportation one patient at a time.

Eastern Royal Medical Transport is an Atlanta-based long distance non-emergency medical transportation service provider specializing in patient transfers over the last six plus years. Our medical transport team consists of professional medically trained personnel that provide total bed to bed care.

Long Distance Ground Medical Transportation

Eastern Royal Medical Transport is a long distance, non-emergency medical transport service provider. Our medical transport team are specialists in interstate medical transportation services. We focus on meeting the unique needs of the elderly and disabled individuals that we serve. Our goal is to provide the nation’s disabled and elderly population with safe, affordable, and dependable non-emergency long distance medical transportation. We are motivated by pride and determination to bring our clients the highest level of long distance medical transportation services.

  • Why ERMT?

Reliable and affordable long distance medical transportation services. Vehicles are designed and equipped to offer safe and comfortable transportation. Our medical teams take care of any and all patient needs while in route, including meals and toileting or incontinence assistance.


We strive to grow and become the most trusted name in the long distance non-emergency medical transportation industry.  We seek to accomplish our goal by reaching out, informing, and providing the nation with a cost effective alternative medical transport service.  We understand that there is a steadily increasing population of elderly and disabled people in America.  As a result too many families are paying the unnecessary high costs to transport loved ones by ambulance or air flight.  Our unique specialization in this field has been developed in great part to help families overcome the difficulties of finding both cost effective and safe transportation for the elderly and disabled.

  • About Eastern Royal Medical Transport

Eastern Royal Medical Transport specializes in interstate medical transportation. We believe that a long distance transport needs to be more than just about getting from one place to another.  That is why our trained staff is compassionate and professional.   Eastern Royal’s staff will thoroughly evaluate each case to determine the needs of each person we transport.

Our experience and desire to reach families in need of our service is what sets us apart from others in the industry.   We have safely completed hundreds of ground transports of elderly and disabled individuals traveling distances over 200 miles. Many of these transports reach distances of over 1,000 miles.

  • Long Distance Medical Transportation Services

We aim to lower the high cost of medical transportation by offering only the level of medical attention that the elderly and disabled we transport require. Our services are commonly utilized by private residences, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation center, nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals.  We transport persons with various non-emergency medical conditions to and from these places.  We are experienced in transporting a wide range of persons who have had strokes, surgery, dementia, fractures, COPD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many other conditions.  Our experience offers you the peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands.

We provide a “bed to bed” to service which can include: oxygen administration, catheter/incontinence care, and positioning patients for individual comfort needs on our top of the line stretcher bed.  We use new model vehicles that are customized specifically for non-emergency long distance medical transport needs.  Our top of the line stretcher fits securely into the back of the vehicle and is adjustable at both ends.  This stretcher is supplemented by a overlaying waffle mattress that helps to prevent bedsore and circulation issues.

We have equipped the inside of the vehicle with a state of the art GPS system as well, as, a wireless internet connection.  These systems create easy access to important information such as traffic and weather reports.  Internet availability also provides our passengers with access to entertainment options such as watching a movie or browsing the internet.  Because we want to go the extra mile for you, we will provide meals as a complement to our services for all passengers at vehicle stopping points.

  • Our Values

We understand the level of concern families have when it comes to finding safe and reliable transportation for their loved ones.  That is why at Eastern Royal Medical Transport we hold ourselves to a high standard in an effort to ensure that every passenger is treated with the utmost respect and care.  Our trained staff aims to get you to your destination with the satisfaction that we did our best to take care of your transportation needs.